frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If a power bank does not properly eject from the station, please send us feedback by following these easy steps:

  1. Open FAZAA app 
  2. Go to Menu > Help Center > Feedback
  3. Scan station QR code, or enter station ID
  4. Select feedback type from the list
  5. Enter a valid phone number or email
  6. Type a short description of the issue 
  7. Upload a photo of the power bank station
  8. Submit your feedback 

The support team will then contact you ASAP.

The customer service team may be reached through one of the following channels:

FAZAA offers its power banks for rent and NOT for sale as per the following terms:

  • The first 15 minute charge is for free (once a day)
  • After the first 15 minutes, an additional charge of SAR 5.75 (every 24 hours)
  • A total of SAR 50 VAT included will be charged to users after 72 hours (three days rent fee + power bank cost).
  • It is expected from users to return the units within the first 24 hours to enable more users to enjoy the service. 
  • FAZAA reserves all rights to keep or change its service terms. 

FAZAA accepts the following payment methods: 

  • Visa Card 
  • Mada Card 
  • Mastercard Card 
  • Vouchers

You will be asked to top-up your e-wallet using a valid credit card with SAR 99 plus applicable VAT before starting the rental process. After you return the charger, the amount will be deducted from your e-wallet based on your rental duration. If you wish, you can withdraw the remaining balance back to your credit card.

The balance is withdrawn from your e-wallet by following steps:

  1. Open FAZAA app 
  2. Go to Menu > My wallet > Withdrawal
  3. Enter the amount to be withdrawn.
  4. The balance will be withdrawn from your wallet and returned to the card account.

For any inquiries,  please contact customer service by +966920025512 or by support@fazaa.c

There are three (3) different charging cables included in the power bank unit: 

  • Micro-USB cable; compatible with some phones & handhelds
  • Type-C cable; compatible with most of current mobiles & handhelds
  • Lighting cable; compatible with current Apple mobiles

Any standard Micro-USB charging cable can be used to recharge the power bank unit.

A rented charger can be kept for up to 3 days (72 hours). After that, the unit is considered lost. The rental duration will be effective immediately after the first 15 minutes elapse.

As per service terms and conditions, after a period of 3 days (72 hours), failure to return the rented charger to a FAZAA station will cause the charger to be regarded as lost. Upon occurrence, the cost of the charger SAR 54 + 3 days rental charges SAR 45 +  applicable VAT, will be charged to the user account. 

You can return the charger to any of our FAZAA station around KSA. You can locate the nearest station via FAZAA mobile app.